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Skin & Foot Health Clinic




Feet bear the brunt of our busy and hectic lifestyle – so good care of our feet is vital to ensure pain-free lifetime usage

Foot health practitioner’s specialists in assessing, diagnosing and treating abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb. They are involved with the total care of the feet. Proper care and attention of the feet is as important at an early age to ensure proper growth as it is in later life to keep feet functioning well.

Do you suffer discomfort from…

cracked heels                               



hard skin                                              

problem nails


fungal problems


Foot health practitioners are trained to prevent, correct or alleviate anything and everything that can go wrong with your feet and provide professional advice on proper foot care to patients of all ages and from all walks of life. They work closely with other medical 

practitioners in providing health care. I assure you will be receiving the highest standard treatment from a fully trained and registered professional.     



Green Peel


The Green Peel exfoliates the skin. Also decongests pores and reduces skins irritation, this treatment is suitable for oily, acne and ethnic skin types.
Dr Schrammek Green Peel suitable for skin that suffers from dehydration and dryness. This peel will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and soften wrinkles, and is ideal to treat dry, ageing and photo damaged skin.




Reduces inflammation

Treats skin blemishes

Repairs and heals the skin

Helps reduce sebum production




 Evens skin tone

 Inhibits melanogenisis

 Disperses dark patches

 Lightens and brightens skin




 Fine lines & wrinkles

 Softens and smoothes skin

 Increasing skin hydration levels

 Moisturising dry skin



Fresh Up




Mela White

Illuminate your skin, this treatment offers regeneration and vitality for tired skin with a tendency towards fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a quicker softener for thick, callous  or impure skin. Treatment recommendations:6 treatments;

once a week.

Energy – Stimulate your skin, this is  a highly effective curative treatment method for improving the circulation in pale, sun-damaged skin and diminish diminishing first lines and wrinkles. Treatment recommendations: 8treatments; every two weeks.

Renew your skin, offers a solution to a number of skin problems ranging from pigmentation to wrinkles and sun-damage to skin renewal. Treatment recommendations: 2treatments; every four weeks

Diminishes and clarify the Skin with hyper pigmentation also to promote Collagen synthesis using vitamin C anti oxidant property. Treatment recommendations: 2 treatments; every four weeks

£80.00 per treatment course of 6: £400

£90.00 per treatment course of 6: £450

£150.00 per Treatment

£80.00 per Treatment course of 6: £400





Transdermal therapy is a combination of Ultrapeel 11 microdermabrasion system and D.E.P (dermoelectroporation) technology.

D.E.P thecnolgy uses low energy electrical pulses. These pulses temporary open the water channel entrance of the skin cells membrane, allowing quick penetration of active substances into the deep seated skin layer.

The Transderm System is a needle free solution for a beautiful you. It provides a non-invasive, effective and comfortable alternative to mesotherapy injections.

What can I expect?

A Transderm therapy treatment is a two step process. Firstly the skin is prepared using microdermabrasion to exfoliate the stratum corneum. (The natural top layer of the skin cells)
The second step is the D.E.P Infusion of product into dermis.
The D.E.P’s electrical impulses give a mild tingling sensation. This is minimised by the use of a vibration feature which gives a pleasant and relaxing treatment.


Used For: Skin revitalisation, fine lines & wrinkles, cellulite treatments, pain management.​



No Needles! No Bruising! No Pain! No Downtime! Developed for all skin types.



Reflexology is a natural, holistic treatment.  The treatment is based on the discovery that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to organs, systems, and structures within the body. Reflexology uses special pressure techniques to stimulate the points on the feet and hands corresponding with the internal organs and structures. By releasing blockages which can interfere with the body’s natural energy flow, Reflexology is able to treat a wide range of conditions, just a few examples being stress, headaches, migraine, digestive disorders, and joint-related problems. As well as relieving the symptoms, regular treatment helps to clear the underlying cause of the imbalances. Above all, Reflexology helps to restore the body’s natural balance and promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being.




Reflexology - £25

Hopi Ear Candle - £20

Indian Head Massage - £20

Aromatherapy or Sports Massage - £30

Waxing from £5

Manicure / Pedicure - £12 - £25

Mini Green Peel - £50



Contact Inder for a free consultation or to book an appointment on:


01902 686 550 or 07851 767913

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