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We have all heard of horror stories of people being ripped off for thousands of pounds by employing a rogue trader. There are unfortunately hundreds more local stories that don't make the news as they are not deemed news worthy! If it is you it has happened to it can feel like the end of the world,

whether it is £50 or £50 000.

At Avoiding Cowboys we have done our best to provide a list of local traders who offer a quality service at a competitive price!


Ultimately the decision is yours as to whether you use our traders, at least you have the peace of mind to know there has been checks carried out and they and they will be happy to put you in touch with local people who they have worked for. You can also read what others have said about them in the feedback section of the website - surely better than contacting someone cold from an advertising brochure where none of these checks are carried out -

I know who I would rather call, "word of mouth" & "Recommendations" win every time.


 We strongly suggest you ask your friends and family to recommend a trusted trader first and perhaps use our free service as the second port of call.

Please, NEVER use a service from a trader who knocks on your door telling you that they have spotted work that needs doing and if you are having a trader work on your house, inside or out always ask for proof of their insurance - it is the norm to have between 1 & 5 million cover.

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