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Just The Grass / Just The Fence

Gardening Tools
Bonsai Tree

No time to cut your grass? We can cut the grass only or edge as well, average front and back for £15, weekly, fortnightly -


Call Ethan for a FREE QUOTE

07958 118081

We also trim and shape hedges and tidy gardens that have just got that little overun

The most common question I get asked is "Is that a weed" so to save my vocal chords a weed is a plant that is in the wrong place,  with a few exceptions of course!


Here we have a garden in Coven that needed to be overhauled in order to hand back the property to a landlord who before the work was done was going to withold the deposit paid on the property. One mornings work later and deposit given back - saving £600

From a jungle to neatly cut for just £50 front and back , another delighted customer

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