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Blitz Skips

Here at Blitz we believe nothing is impossible, the world is at our feet but for how much longer unless we all change the way we think. Originally when the idea of sending 0% to landfill was introduced, it shocked the public, sent ripples throughout the waste industry and shudders down our spines after all no one likes change… do we? Critics contested the idea claiming that the industry was attempting the impossible; however at Blitz we thrive on the impossible, we took the opportunity to test the theory, tackle it head on and prove to people that it can be done! You may ask “what singles Blitz out from the rest?” …. Here at Blitz we are committed to customer focus, innovation and hard work, we enjoy the feeling of success and work very hard at achieving our vision for the future. Every customer receives their own personal account manager that will be passionate about ensuring customer service that consistently outshines our competitors. Blitz would like to take this opportunity to invite you to help us achieve a futuristic vision of sending 0% to landfill and passing a planet to our children that’s worth its weight in gold!



Mini Skip

 Capacity: Approx' 20/30 Black Bags

Midi Skip

 Capacity: Approx' 30/40 Black Bags

Small BuildersSkip

 Capacity: Approx' 50/60 Black Bags

 Builders Skip

 Capacity: Approx' 60/80 Black Bags

  Large Builders Skip

  Capacity: Approx' 80/90 Black Bags

 Small Maxi Skip

 Capacity: Approx' 100/120 Black Bags

  Maxi Skip

  Capacity: Approx' 130/140 Black Bags

  Jumbo Skip

  Capacity: Approx' 150/160 Black Bags


Not sure what size your require? Call one of our customer advisors on 01902 870 370, they will be more than happy to provide you with advice and a free no obligation qoute!


or visit our website for further information


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